A Letter To My Unborn Child

baby bear

Dear Unborn Child,

We have come to call you “Baby Bear,” after your big fur brother who is called Yogi Bear. You will love him just as he will love you, of that we have no doubt. As I write this your actually kicking me in my ribs. Something you very much love to do, especially during the evening or after a hot cross bun. But hey, who doesn’t become excited after a hot cross bun right? You also kick a lot harder after I gently push back at you…we think that’s probably a sign that you may be a little like your Grandma & Grandpa. You are also stubborn.; of that we are sure. In every ultrasound we have had you have done the exact opposite of what the ultrasound lady has wanted you to do. When we wanted a photo of your gorgeous face you decided to face palm yourself so we couldn’t see it. I have no doubt your going to be a little one with a mind all of your own.

We found out about you while we were on a holiday. We were both drunk when we saw those two pink lines, it’s a great story – we will tell you all about it when you get older. You also weren’t the first little soul to be inside Mummy, we think about those other souls quite a bit & we know they gave you the strength to grow big & strong. You were the one that was meant to come earth side to meet us but we will always treasure the ones we were never meant to meet.

You should know that your Father can’t wait to meet you & hold you. Nearly every time he puts his hand on you now you stop moving – I think its because his touch calms you. He gets upset by it though, he is jealous that I get to feel you & carry you around all the time. What Daddy doesn’t realise yet is that carrying you around all the time (although an absolute blessing) is hard fucking work. Yes, that’s right, Mummy swears. I swear a lot. You wont be allowed to though, I know how unfair that seems but guess what? I’m your parent, I get to make rules that don’t seem fair so the sooner you realise that the better.

You should also know your Dad plays cricket – cricket is a game that goes on for hours/days and nothing exciting really happens. I’m hoping that if you want to play sport you will play basketball or some other game that only goes for 45minutes & can be played inside. Its your choice of course but Mummy doesn’t like cricket that much so maybe you should take that into account…I mean I did grow you inside of my own body for 10months, that should be worth something, right?

What you need to know about Mummy is this: Mummy is crazy. I am crazy loud, crazy talented & crazy in love with you. There will be times where you will probably not like me, there will be times where you will need me, there will be times where you will just want me to go away but guess what? I’m always going to be there. I want to say that again so you understand: I am ALWAYS going to be there. Tough love is part of who I am but it is sometimes what you will need. I will strive to always give you what you need more than what you want. Also, I want you to realise that I am a human too. I will make mistakes yes, but I also have my own personal hopes, dreams, wants, needs, desires & happiness. I want to teach you this, that I am Maggie as well as your Mum. I think that’s important for you to know.

You, my darling, as much as we are lucky to have you, you are also equally as lucky to have us. You will be born into a country with a shit load of problems but also one that is pretty damn incredible. You will also be born into a family that can support you & that loves you already. That love is endless, the support is endless, the incredible people around you that will inspire you are endless.

We all can’t wait to meet you little one. There is so much more to teach you & to share with you – you are already fucking amazing, never forget that.


Your Mum,

The Peninsula Mumma xo