There Is No Right Way To Be A Mum…But You’re Doing It Wrong

Feeding your baby is so natural. But when you’re in public cover that natural stuff up and don’t let anyone see what breasts are actually suppose to be used for. You’re mental health and sanity is so important so make sure you do what’s right for you.
Though never forget that breast is best.

Go back to work as soon as you can. But only because you have to, not because you want to. It takes a village, so take all the help you can get. But not too much help because you’re suppose to be able to do this on you’re own.

Make sure you take some “you” time. Not too much though, it’s not about you anymore. Babies do best in routines. But make sure you’re being flexible or you’ll inconvenience everyone else.

Your baby should be able to self-settle so let them cry. But don’t leave them to cry too long or you’ll emotionally damage them. Don’t feed your baby to sleep. But do everything you can to get some rest.

Remember that you are in this with your partner. But don’t forget you’re also a wife so if you’re at home you should be making the dinners and cleaning the house. Follow your Motherly instinct. But remember you don’t know what’s right.

Make sure you keep fit. Not too fit though, that just means you’re neglecting your child & are too interested in yourself. Don’t feel Mum guilt. But then again if you don’t feel Mum guilt do you even care about your kid?

Make sure you still go out with your girlfriends. But don’t wear that…and don’t drink too much or stay out too late because you’re a Mum now. Be really honest about how you’re feeling. But don’t be too honest and don’t say THAT because you’re lucky to have children.

Having a newborn is so hard. But if your baby sleeps through the night you have nothing to complain about so keep quiet.

Your partner is at work and you’re at home, so make sure they get their down time – you’re just at home so you get that already. Make sure you go out without your child. But be sure to expect questions like “where’s the baby?” when your partner probably won’t ever be asked that.

Definitely take your children out to dinners so they can be part of it. But don’t let them cry or they will ruin it for everyone else.

Do what you need to do to keep your child entertained so you can at least have some time to collect your sanity. But don’t let them have too much screen time because then you’re just being a lazy parent.

Take your child out to brunch and out shopping. But beware, people won’t get out of the way for a pram.

And lastly – be proud of being a kick arse Mum! Just don’t say it out loud because that means you think you’re perfect.

There is so much judgement. There is so much comparison. You’ll never please everyone. You’ll never get it right every single time. So just do you. Keep doing you. Ask for advice and take what works and leave what doesn’t. Every baby is different. Every mother and family is different. There is support. There is always support. Even if it’s a phone call to our health care system. We are all trying our best with the tools that we have. We all struggle at different times and on different days. And if you’re trying to be the best Mum you can be and you’re losing your shit, or you’re trying to be the best Mum you can be and you’re not losing your shit, pretty sure that means your doing an epic job either way.

We got this.

The Peninsula Mumma