Alf the Label – All Black Little Ottie Nappy Caddy


I always wanted to be a Cool Mum. I didn’t know much about babies or motherhood but I knew I wanted to be one of those Mums who match their outfits with their smiling, laughing children as they sit enjoying coffee at a trendy café whilst chatting merrily with friends.

Fast forward to what my motherhood journey looks like & it’s NOT that – BUT – there is one thing that I’ve found, one thing I cling to when I leave the house that I know makes me a Cool Mum – its my Alf.

I now have four Alf the Label bags so yes, you could say I’m addicted. They are my “go to” because it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, which side of my head my mum-bun is leaning towards or how strong the scent of vomit that follows me around is – my Alf’s make me a Cool Mum. It’s knowing that they are practical and pretty all at the same time!

My newest addition to my growing Alf family is my All Black Little Ottie Nappy Caddy. It’s compact, sleek & practical. I mean, just look at it! I can tell you right now that I am a sucker for wearing gym clothes all day every day & my Little Ottie Nappy Caddy even goes with them!

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Nappy Bag & the first few months of leaving the house with Jagger, it was filled to the brim with everything and more. But as Jagger has gotten older & my anxiety about not having a seventh change of clothes in the car has subsided a little, I’m realising that realistically, I don’t actually need to carry round a huge amount of stuff with me.

This is where Little Ottie has come into play. I can just pack Little Ottie with the essentials and we are off! Inside my Little Ottie you’ll find:

  • wipes
  • nappies
  • Alf the Label change mat (included)
  • change of clothes for Jagger
  • Nappy cream
  • Dummy
  • And there is room for more!

What does Little Ottie have/come with you may ask?

  • Little Ottie is made from durable black nylon & boasts an all black cow hide front
  • Black pebbled leather detailing & gold metal hardware
  • Two internal netted pockets
  • One external zip pocket
  • Detachable & adjustable cross body strap
  • White Alf the Label reusable wipes case
  • Compact black nappy change mat
  • A set of Black Alf the Label pram straps

I am all about practicality, I’m talking zips over buttons & onesies over outfits so Alf the Label fits perfectly into my Mum Life. It really is the label that keeps on giving because its created by a Mum for Mum’s. That’s what I love. Alf gets it. Alf understands what I need as a Mum but also what I want! And what I want is to be that Cool Mum, to be able to carry what my Mum Life demands me to but carry it in something pretty, something that makes me smile, something that just isn’t for baby, but for me as well.

So, in conclusion, my Little Ottie Nappy Caddy is now an integral part of my Alf the Label Tribe, along with my Stella Nappy Bag, The Lil handbag & my Little Sue wallet. I use each of these babes EVERY SINGLE DAY & each day, they remind me that although I may not be that put together Mum having brunch, I got my Alf with me & that ladies, makes me pretty darn happy.


The Peninsula Mumma xo

Alf the Label