How To Throw A Baby Shower When They Freak You Out

Not gunna lie – Baby Showers have always scared the fuck outta me. I’m usually sweating when I arrive at one. So the thought of having my own Baby Shower was something that literally terrified me. Why you may ask? Because when it comes to pregnancy, children, labour, anything do to with that stuff – I’ve always felt extremely out of my depth. And I don’t like doing things that I’m not good at, so to be the center of attention at an event for literally all the things that I don’t know about just freaked me out. Plus, I only like to play games I’m good at because I’m highly competitive, so when it comes to games involving dolls & nappies I don’t do very well. The only Baby Shower game I seem to excel at is the one where you get all those photos of women & you have to guess if it’s a photo of a woman in a porno or if it’s a photo of a woman giving birth…for some reason I tend to win that one…

So – I decided that I wanted a joint Baby Shower with my husband. I wanted to celebrate it with all of our friends, family & the little kids already in our lives. I didn’t want to play any games, I just wanted it to be a very laid back celebration of the little soul we had created. And so that’s what we did – in the Best Man speech at our wedding he said “look what can be accomplished when Brad is ignored.” – this statement was also true about our Baby Shower.

The invite was in the form of a text message. Not even a picture message, just your average text with the date, time & venue. I think that set the tone for the whole thing! Brad was a little bit mortified with that style of invite but to me, I was kinda just like fuck it – its fine!

No one really “threw” the Shower for us. Our family made the food, some of our friends helped us set up on the day but other than that I pretty much organised it. I’m a great delegator you see, it is a very hefty strength of mine. Although, in saying that, I do now understand why pregnant women don’t throw their own Baby Showers. I forgot things like cutlery, I had to make list upon list of everything so I remembered what I was actually suppose to be doing on what days. I was exhausted, my cankles were starting to form & the long fuse I had developed during pregnancy was definitely a lot shorter than normal.

Am I the only one that gets severe anxiety the day of their party? All I kept thinking was “what if no one turns up?” I rang my girlfriend and told her this, her reply was pretty fucking brilliant. She said – “well, if no one turns up its just gunna be me, you & 120 Nutella Donuts…” I realised that was a pretty good Plan B.

We had our Baby Shower in my parents backyard, seating consisted of hay bails & we had huge rugs laid out with pillows scattered around. Food was three different types of baguettes, mini quiche, homemade Dip with celery & carrots (which my older sister, who is not at all domesticated cut up – go you good thing!), a lolly bar, popcorn & our famous Nutella Donuts. I tell ya – it pays to know people who own the best bakery on the Mornington Peninsula #thanksmumanddad

It honestly was a fantastic day, one that was perfect for us. I think that’s the key in all of this, we did what was right for us. So that’s the advice I would give any mother to be who is thinking about their Baby Shower – do what will make you happy.

I can’t thank everyone enough for your well wishes, support, help, presents & really giving us the greatest gift of all – being happy for us.


The Peninsula Mumma xo