The Ramblings of a 25wk Pregnant Lady

I’ve started to waddle. I swear to GOD I’ve started to waddle. I also feel like I’ve been kicked in the vagina, like, not a little kick – I’m talking about a fully grown AFL size male has kicked my vagina instead of a footy kinda kick. I can’t have cordial anymore because it gives me heartburn & I am trying to eat a balanced diet but all I want is the same foods every day. My hips ache when I sleep & sometimes I will randomly wake up at 3am thinking about how the fuck I’m suppose to breastfeed, when I doubt my newborn could get their lips around my now incredibly large nipples. These are the types of thoughts that have come into my brain this week. These are the ramblings of a 25wk pregnant lady…and there’s more!

Did you know that when you reach 25weeks you only have 15 weeks to go until your due date? That’s 15 Fridays. 15 FUCKING FRIDAYS! That is NOT a lot of Fridays. I swear the first 12weeks goes so slow, all you think about is reaching that milestone and every day just drags on…but after that? It flies. Like, say goodbye to feeling “prepared” or thinking you “have time” because you don’t. Soon enough you’ll be at your 20wk scan seeing baby look all human like & kicking away, next second you’re me and HAVE 15 FRIDAYS UNTIL YOUR DUE! FUCK!

Also – how can my boobs get any bigger? I’m pretty sure they don’t even hold milk yet, but I’ve already gone up 3 sizes. I am now an E cup…and for someone who started out as a modest C cup this is a whole new thing. My back is starting to hurt a little from them, honestly, those ladies who are naturally blessed with bigger titties I take my hat off to you! Well done for living with these two mountains protruding from your chest! Well done I say!

I’ve never been a big crier. But guess what? I am now. Its my new party trick. I can just burst into tears & it doesn’t matter where I am, who I’m with or what I’m doing. My crying does not discriminate between a good or bad time, it has a mind of its own. And its not like I’m crying because I’m upset, no, it can be when I see a funny meme on Facebook or simply when I’m watching a commercial on TV. I also feel things a lot more…for instance, I served a lady at work the other day who told me her house had just burnt down…I carried that heavily the whole day & when I get home I burst into tears, put my hands and face up against a wall and whispered “thank you for not burning down.” I was just overwhelmed by this lady not being in her home for Christmas that it made me realise how lucky I was in my non-burnt home.

I also sneezed and pissed myself a little. I said I would be honest. This is me being honest.

The positives about being 25wks pregnant? I actually look pregnant now which is amazing. From 12 to around 23weeks I just looked like I’d already eaten our Christmas ham. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing tight things because I felt like people would look at my belly and just think “oh dear – she let herself go.” I also hated wearing baggy clothes because it just made me look like a rectangle. And although I love rectangles (because that’s the shape cakes, mars bars & tasty cheese blocks are) I did not want to resemble a rectangle. So, now that I’ve moved past that stage I have this incredible little baby bump sticking out for all the world to see & it feels incredible.

What else? You feel your own little parasite kicking & so can other people! It is the BEST! I’d say it’s even better than not being constipated anymore & that’s a big bloody statement. I still cant quite wrap my head around the fact that there is a human living inside of me & this human can now hear my voice, is the size of a baseball glove and also (something we learned at our 20wk scan) has a head circumference of 18.6cm. I still don’t quite know how to feel about that last piece of information but all I know is that baby has 15 Fridays left to grow.


The Peninsula Mumma x